Haiku Herman, Media Man embraces twitter

From Haiku Herman to World Forum Speaker
Herman Van Rompuy is a man in the picture, yet he is – as his haiku style suggests – also more secretive, diplomatic and careful with words and ideas. Not the Berlusconi extravaganza, more the rhetoric of the well-trained Jesuit student who entered and survived politics. But when the media are 24/7 tuned in and the political power play is also governed by informing and 'using' the media, the position in the news needs to be carefully orchestrated and updated. With a new book out this week, the old school media have something to hold on to. But there is more, much more.

Face-a-book becomes facebook
So Van Rompuy is now on facebook, has almost daily video messages, posts on a blog and even has a haiku page online. Interesting too is the link you find on daylife to what and where the Man of Europe is doing.

But to allow you to really catch the bird while he's up and flying about, recently twitter is added to the Herman-sources. An interesting tool no doubt in the right haiku hands; if used wisely it can be a sharp samurai sword, a blade to slice rumours in half, open up blocked passages. Will it give the media direct leads and new insights in the EU circles of influence and clarify the role of a leader with a position still to be clarified for many? Tweet!


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