EuroLynx partner AC&C wins 6 Czech PR Awards

The director of the EuroLynx partner agency in the Czech Republic

Martin Frydl, Executive Partner of AC&C

With three gold, two silver and one bronze awards, AC&C Public Relations has clearly become the most succesful agency of this year in Czech PR Awards. The EuroLynx partner has been as such named in the headline of the article covering Czech PR Awards in leading Czech marketing weekly.

The agency received special honors for media relations on the fuel consumer tax rise for DKV, the launch of the new Nokia N8, Nokia facebook activities and a press conference to launch the Chuck Norris campaign for T-Mobile. The communication of real property  prices for the Mortgage bank also was awarded by the jury.

The six awards reflect the long-term succesful strategy of the agency. 
AC&C works for clients who understand why they want to do PR, who understand that the agency is a partner and consultant and who are willing to openly communicate.


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