Dr. Haffa & Partner celebrates 25 years of success

A pioneer’s anniversary

The EuroLynx partner in Germany – Dr. Haffa & Partner – is celebrating its 25th year in business this fall.

Founded in 1986 by Dr. Annegret Haffa and Dr. Horst Höfflin, the agency was one of the first in Germany to concentrate on PR for high-tech and IT companies. While remaining true to its focus on technology for more than a quarter of a century, the agency has also expanded its services over the years considerably.
In addition to traditional public relations work, the agency now offers a broad range of services including marketing and sales support, corporate publishing, online communication, and social media. This rare combination of technological knowledge and expertise in numerous vertical industries, the focus on benefits, the skilled consultancy, and of course exceptional content writing have made Dr. Haffa & Partner extremely successful over the past two-and-a-half decades.

Dr. Annegret Haffa and Dr. Horst Höfflin, co-founders of the German EuroLynx partner agency

Still going strong
The communications sector has changed dramatically. Yet Dr. Haffa & Partner remains as one of the few agencies from the early days of high-tech and IT public relations in Germany that is still independent and owner-operated to this day. Dr. Haffa & Partner is a member of AIKA, an association for owner-operated communication agencies, and the independent international agency networks EuroLynx, ComVort, and GlobalFluency. This benefits international clients seeking to remain within a particular agency network while still utilizing a best-of-breed selection process. As one of six lead agencies in the pan-European network EuroLynx, Dr. Haffa & Partner participates in large communication projects for the European Commission.

Back to the Future
“This anniversary is an opportunity to look to the future,” says Dr. Annegret Haffa, founder and managing partner at Dr. Haffa & Partner. “We work with interesting clients on exciting projects — in our area of expertise, high-tech and IT, new developments and markets are continually emerging. And we shouldn’t forget the transformation of both our target groups’ information behaviour and the communication tools we use. That’s what makes this job so incredibly exciting to me — everything is in a state of flux, and we are forced to keep re-inventing ourselves.”

“If I go all the way back to 1986 and compare the communications industry then to what we have now, it feels like they are separated by much more than just 25 years,” explains Dr. Horst Höfflin, founder and managing partner at Dr. Haffa & Partner. “It sounds so unbelievable today when you tell stories like how we landed an account back then simply because we already had our own fax machine and an address database. It’s also interesting to note here that we were one of the first agencies in Germany to have its own website and one of the first to use e-mail. Actively contributing to the transformation in communications has been and remains one of the most challenging aspects of our business over the years.

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About Dr. Haffa & Partner
The Munich-based communications agency Dr. Haffa & Partner specialises in public relations and marketing for high-tech and IT companies. Founded in 1986, the full-service PR firm's portfolio of services ranges from strategic communication consulting to customised public relations and traditional media services through to marketing services, social media, website consulting, and sales support for both German and multinational enterprises. Dr. Haffa & Partner is a partner in the agency networks EuroLynx, ComVort and Gllobalfluency, and a member of AIKA, the German association of owner-operated agencies. Dr. Haffa & Partner’s clients include AKI (Print Management), art of defence, ECA International, the European Commission, IndoGerman Business Network, Funkwerk EC, Master Climate Solution, Microfin, Rumsauer/Robomow, SAS, SoftconCIS, Sparxent and syngenio.

Additional information
Dr. Haffa & Partner
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